About Ghostcats, StinkyHelsinki and a long expected rain

When you come to the office on monday morning, the first question in I guess every country is: How was ur weekend?

Yeah, how was it? I thought about that on my way from home through Viru Keskus, Tammsaare park and Vabaduse Väljak to work. Was it a good weekend? I decided to make a list. Positive things to negative things. ??What have I done?? Well first of all i slept a bit longer. That is not necessarily a good thing. But lets just be generous and count it as positive. 1:0. I did not work as much as I wanted to. 1:1. I had friends over for dinner. 2:1. I went to a party on sunday evening. 3:1. I did not go and buy new sport shoes. 3:2.

Ok, all in all it was a good weekend I guess.

But the more important thing was the party on Sunday evening as it. A few months ago, if I remember right on February 27th 2010, our partyhost Tony gave us a shot: Salmiakki and Banana-Bols. It tastes better than it sounds now – ok it does not really but we started to like it. Most of us at least. And just in the evening as the next morning then was… well anyhow. Back to this evening.

I have no idea who mentioned it first, but while looking for a name we tried to define that shot by its look: like dirty water, strange smell, but in a way good. It was a clear association with Riga and Helsinki 🙂 And since we had a finnish guy among us we dedicated this shot to the finnish capital. But just Helsinki? What a boring name. So we thought what words we connect with Helsinki, and next to expensive and very expensive, full of finns and expensive plus full of finns, we decided that Helsinki stinks compared to Tallinn:

StinkyHelsink, next generation
StinkyHelsink, next generation

The StinkyHelsinki was born. (and of course, since nowadays everything needs a Facebook side, here it is: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=350242550848&v=info&ref=ts)

So yesterday, Tony again invited us, or lets say: he allowed us to invite people to come over. we did, not as many as usual but that was maybe because we did not tell a lot of people and secondly of the heavy rain started round 9 p.m. In the end we were a small group of SH drinkers in his cellar bar. 6 guys (if I count correct), plus a ghost cat. No, no joke. In this cellar lives a cat. We smell it. SHe is living down there, a 100%. Tony heared her. but we did not find it. There is no way out of the cellar, but we checked every corner and whole, no cat. And since according to Mr. Sherlock Holmes (dem überschätzten englischen Wichtigtuer @vandusen) : when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth – it must be a ghost. Now, let me think about that. A ghost CAT? I heard stories about ghosts (who did not) and they usually are condemned because of something terrible they have done. But an animal?? The only “ghost animal” I ever heared of this baskerville dog (Sherlock, remember!) but that did not count. I decided to go there again with some cat food and try to make a picture of her. I will keep u updated!

Have a nice week!


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