The long way to Route 66

Hello and good day!

Some know already: I am about to make a motorcycle license. Next to the social character of this adventure – hospitals need always new vital parts you know – I have had that idea already a long time. Looong time. And so one day while walking from my home to work I decided: now I gonna do it.

Project “Route 66” started. Officially. I have chosen that name following to a dream I guess all (german) bikers have, one day to make a trip on the famous Route 66 through the United States. I am not 100% sure I will ever do that, somehow a trip through Russia is much more attractive at the moment, but there is no need to think too much about this. After all this gave me a catchy title for my column. And I needed one to start that project.

But as with all cool projects, the first steps are the hardest. What driving school should I take. Sure, it should be an english speaking school as my estonian is not good enough yet to make a driving license in that language. I would feel more save to have it in english than hearing estonian commands while I try to stay alive in Tallinn town traffic or learn the theory lessons in fast mode estonian.

So, first step: looking for a school. I asked my friends and searched the web, went on my colleagues nerves (thanks again Ave, u are a great support!) and got some schools named.
The first I wrote was Gestani in Narva Mnt. On their homepage I found a great offer: 4000 EEK, special price. So I wrote them and asked for some information, but – boy was I surprised: The answer I received some hours later informed me that this price is for estonian and russian classes only. English would be 7300 EEK. At this very moment I am negotiating with them, since next to the fact that I will write about this project on my blog and for Estonian Free Press, I meanwhile can offer that not only me will start a class but 1 more wants to join me plus I have 2-3 people for a car-license also. I hate to negotiate but somehow I think they should offer that cheaper – or better said: I guess I can find that cheaper in Tallinn. (so if anyone has an adivse, I am open!) Not that I do not understand that classes in english will be more expensive than those in the state languages. I am not an idiot. (who said yes u are here? :D) But I do not see why a class in english is almost double priced. Don´t you agree?

Btw: Just a few hours ago I received the answer of Haja Autokool – they want 8900 EEK! No way I gonna pay that!

Still, I have one more answer to come and meanwhile try to persuade Gestani to make a cheaper offer. I know, it is still cheaper than what I pay in Germany i.e. but then again – I have a higher salary there too 🙂 And I wrote already to the schools that they can be sure about me booking several additional practice hours. So I am optimistic about this.

Lets see what will come, I hope I soon get to the next step. I will keep you informed, here or on


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