Extra Time

So, I came home right to see the last 10 minutes of the game Estonia against Faroe Island. And I am happy I did not see the first 83 Minutes 🙂 That a crap. 0:1 when the 90 minutes are over. Do we loose against Faroe? I that this is only possible if you are Austrian (hehe…). But when I already considered to change to the other match, Germany vs. Denmark, there was this young man with the 20 on his shirt, Kaimar Saag, and he somehow got the ball in. I am not sure if it was an accident or just beautiful but he did hit the ball volley and Suddenly Estonian supporters could celebrate a draw. Unbelivible. I decided to watch the replays before I switch to the german team, as suddenly again Kaimar Saag managed to bring the ball in the net and the Estonian team the first 3 points. WHAT A FINISH! It was amazing to see that and hear through the TV Boxes how the stadion celebrated and I guess all who went to the Arena got payed back for the first 90 Minutes when they saw Estonia loosing the first match in the 2012 qualification.

So, thanks to Mr. Saag I missed the other sensation of the day: Mario Gomez made a goal for the german nationalteam. Who would have thought that! A miracle! He really made a goal. This is maybe not so surprising if you consider that he is a striker, but ask any german fan, he will react as I do 🙂

Now, Estonia got 3 points, lets see how the germans play now against denmark. Football evening. Nice 😉


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