A blog dedicated to Mark B. 🙂

Tough decision today: Watch the EC Qualification match of Estonia (GO EESTI GO) against the Farör Islands or playing myself with friends.

It was made even harder by the fact that a good friend wrote me since yesterday again and again that I should come to the Arena with him and support the blue shirts there. Boy, I wanted to. So much. But then again, I decided against this. To play myself is the better choice I guess, specially with my target loose weight (what is – according to a number of people who told me – a good idea)…

Still I am sad about it. Sun comes out now and it would have been a pleasure to sit in the A le Coq Arena and hear the songs and cheering of the Estonian fans and see the victory of my team. Specially the last is a pleasure you are not getting too often. But nethertheless, I think it will be more wise not to watch it but play myself. As I guess that the Estonian teams plays much better when they have a stronger opponent against them. Like with Italy the next one will be. Italy vs Estonia, you bet I will be in the arena then! Just not today 🙂

Wise decision or not?


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