A few articles ago I already wrote that I plan to bring more pictures in the blog. In order to do that I need two things:

A) A concept what kind of pictures I wanna make. Maybe I try to make a “faceblog”, just make pictures of people as I like faces, I think that could be very interesting. Another option is to make a picture every day from the same place to see the change during the year. Or maybe I get a better idea. For suggestions I am open 🙂

B) I need to take my cam with me. And as I looked for it I found the manual and started to read a bit about the Camera I have. A Canon PowerShot A590. And I am surprised what this little camera has inside. Ok, for cracks outside this is all peanuts, but I did not know it so I am happy I found these features now. As I prefer to try things I read about I stoped on my way to work in a a small park and played a bit with the Shutter Speed. Here are the results:


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