Simply not my day – and it is only 9 in the morning!!!

This is not my day. Really. If a day starts like that… I should have stayed in bed.

First, I cannot sleep till past 2 in the morning. When I wake up I check the time: 8:50. Jesus, I slept too long! I ran to the coffee machine, turn it on and am on my way to the shower when I realise: wait, that is not an 8.. it is a 6. 6:50. What the f…. . So I start thinking if I should go to bed again for 30 minutes or not. But I do not feel tired. So I make a compromise: sitting in bed and listening to radio. Guess what – I fall asleep. My alarm clock rings, but now I am tired. So I slowly move to the shower. It does not really help waking up today. Coffee does. But – of course – my coffee machine is off again. This god damn machine turns itself off. So I press the on button again and wait. I love my coffee machine. I really do. But not today. So, while waiting for the black gold I start making breakfast. Toasted bread. I love toasted bread. But then again – my toaster is broken since last saturday. Now I remember what I forgot all the time when I was in the shop. So, no toast, just normal bread with something they call salami. Funny, i used to like that something but today it tastes bad. I want Nutella. But I have not. Slightly I get pissed off. Coffee sucks. I have not so many pads anymore so I used one twice. Bad idea. I throw that coffee away and make a new one. One pad left only now. I really have to buy but I am not sure if I have time today. Will see.

Meanwhile it is past 8. Armed with breakfast and coffee I sit down to read news on my laptop. The radio is still playing and for a moment I have to laugh when I hear the reporter say: – i write it in german as I am not sure how to translate that into english – Das wichtigste ist, dass die Menschen in Pakistan nun Hilfe bekommen, damit sie sich über Wasser halten können. Also ich sehe darin eine gewisse (böse) Ironie. Aber vielleicht bin ich einfach auch nur morbide.

It is 8:30 meanwhile. I think about getting dressed to go to work. The internet weather station predict for Tallinn something between 18 with rain and 24 cloudy. Great help. I decide to wear a tshirt and a shirt plus jeans. Start walking. My right food hurts, to be precise the small toe. While walking i try to find a position in my shoe that it hurts less.  I am little late but that is ok.But I feel not good. something is wrong. I feel I start sweating. it has 18 degrees and I start sweating. Fantastic. I hate that. Note to myself: REALLY start a diet now…

So now I sit at work and face the fact: this is not my day. And I do not care that Billion of people would love to have only my problems, I know they are not important and no reason to complain, but they still piss me off.

Thanks for listening.


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