Traffic Jam on Route 66

Yesterday I finally got an answer from Gestani.
Since I pointed out that we will be a group of 5-6 people (if they all stay in what I surely hope!) they now offer a discount of 500 EEK each.
I decided that I am bad enough in negotiating (i guessed that right away but I always like to try) and will leave that to the others now. It is not that I expect to get things for free. On the other hand – i still thing the 7300 EEK are actually too expensive. Ok, now 6800. Still. But what shall I do? Forget the whole idea because of that?

Now I am waiting for the others to reply and tell me if they will come with me to the school and talk with them directly.
I feel like in a traffic jam. You desperately want to get forward but u feel that the more u wish the longer it takes. Not a good feeling, we all know that. (ok, all who drive cars). It is the same when you look for a parking spot close to your home and drive around the blog again and again, waiting and praying for a miracle or at least a free spot. You see that idiot who parked on two spots and each time you see him you get more cruel – in this sense funny – ideas to torture him for that. One advise I can give: listen to Herbert Grönemeyers song “Mambo”, a classic and it kept me in a good mood when I lived in Munich and needed a parking place after coming home. I am actually sure it prevented several heard attacks and worse 😉 And people on the street seem to like that song too (once I had windows down and two young lady were dancing cross the street with my music. Made me smile for the rest of the trip…) But that is another topic.

So, as you see, even though the traffic jams sucks, I get the feeling to move forward a bit. slowly. step by step. but still moving.


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