First time. I am nervous. A bit 😉 Mostly because I know that at least two from the office seem to be real pro´s in that. And I was not even a soldier. In a few moments we start.

This was the start of my yesterdays blog but then I had to leave the office – no i did not go there for work on Friday, after all it was Estonian Re-Independence Day. But it was the meeting point so I start walking from home slightly nervous about what will expect me (at paintball, not at the office!). I was a bit surprised then in the office also when I saw 5 colleagues at work. Well, on the other hand 3 of them took a day of on Thursday to go shopping at Ikea. So I decided that I have no reason to have a bad conscience when I agreed with myself that I would enjoy the holiday, Anyhow I had not enough time to do anything real. After a few minutes I got the call to come down in front of the door. Long story short, the next important to tell about is that we arrived in the woods of …. ok I forgot what the name was. Something with M… Normal that area was used by the Estonian army. Maybe someone who knows what area I mean can write a comment with the name. Nevertheless…

Playing paintball is really fun. First it takes a while until everybody is prepared, wears his overall, his mask, has a gun and bullets etc. etc. But that is maybe also because most people of course see it as fun and have no hurry. I bought 500 bullets – and I have to say it was more then enough since I decided that it is not useful to shoot like a maniac if you can see that you do not hit anyhow on that distance. Ok, i learned that that was maybe not the right strategy but after all it was just my first time to play this. So I got shot in every match and have one confirmed kill. Yeah I know. But i have to say in defense that three times I went out even though I did not have to. I was hit but I had no color-mark twice and once someone hit the weapon and a finger. But i do not complain, it was a great experience and I really wanna do it again. Maybe little better equipped but however 😉
I think I found a great sport now and I will try to play more often.


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