Dear SPAM mail senders…

It is very nice that you are that concerned about my private life… no lets face it: my sexlife. Since I am a liberal person I have no problem that you ask about it, as long as you accept that I do not give you any answer. But since you start stealing too much time from me I would like to inform you all about some facts and information about me in order to avoid any further waste of time on my as on your side.

So, I have to tell you straight and open: I guarantee you, even if you send me more than 30 offers a day, I will not buy any Viagra from you.
Reason 1 is that I do not need it. Honestly… and even twice!
Reason 2: even IF I WOULD need that, i have no girlfriend so please see Reason 1
Reason 3: and honestly, IF I WOULD need Viagra really, my bro has a pharmacy, so i guess i would buy there.

Since we talk: Also I am not interested in penis enlargement. Honestly I wonder a bit how you know about such – I think I can call it private – details of mine. And I have to ask you to take my word since I will definitely not send you a proof-picture.

And finally, although I used to work as a headhunter and had some success on that business, I am not interested in WHAT SO EVER ziped “resumes” or “pictures”.

I think that’s it for the moment. So when we all agree not to send such mails anymore to my address, I would highly appreciate it.

Thank you.


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