there is no computer….

I give it up. I mean really. I am living in a world of computers and I am even to stupid to change the font of this blog.
Yeah what. Laugh but first you try it! One SHOULD think that the guys from WordPress offer a simple solution like we all know from word to set the font. At least a few options. … should. Guess what – yeah right, it does not.

So I found the section “Typekit font”. Sounds right. And you can even update a certain font. That is really nice. you get that funny little message that you just updated the font of your choice.
I mean, they do not even lie. They do not tell you that this action will have any sense of course. But from now on you can life with the good feeling that you have changed something. Some people try desperately their whole life to get the feeling to change something. With WordPress you can get that feeling for free. Wonderful.
The trap is only if you really want to see what you have changed. Changing 2.0 so to say. That is more difficult. It is like the process of apologizing. We all know it has a way bigger effect if you say the words “I am sorry” AND mean it. Still, most time we just say the words. And teh effect is like it is on wordpress: none. So what can we do to have a visible effect?

How shall I know? Of course, Google offers many many variations to achieve this wonderful feeling of a successful change, but as life is: they do not work.
“Download this, unzip and then upload it in the plug in section.” Boy that sounds good. You download it, you unzip it – and then you realize that you do not even have a plug in section.

“Change in the html tag this line…” My favorite. I was so happy to find that since I know a little tiny bit about that html stuff already from work.
Well the problem now is only: i have no html-tag-stuff when i press on my posts on the “show me the fancy geeky html-tag-stuff-thing” button. It looks exactly the same after that just i get some more fancy-geeky-stuffy buttons with remarkable explanations as “ol”. or “li”. Finally, I thought, I was looking for the “li” button that long…

But you know, the best was when an IT expert told me: no, there has to be the html text.
Has to? but is not. This is a miracle, or? it works without. Or… is there no computer? Is this whole thing just a imagination of my brain? Have I found the weak point of the matrix? Will Agent Smith come in now, grab me and bring me to Bielefeld where the CIA and Aliens experiment with me?

Holy spaghetti monster, save me !

P.S. sorry for the boring font but i gave up to change it now.


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