Mission: ChampionsLeague

Since yesterday evening we know now the gropus for the Champions League Season 2010/11. My FC Bayern München has in group E AS Roma, Cluj and Basel. I think there is no discussion that Bayern is the strongest team in this group. With the opening match in Munich against Roma, Bayern can show that the last Champions league season – when they eliminated Juventus Turin, ManU and Bordeaux and then only found a stronger team with Inter Milan – was no accident but the logical result of a great coach and very strong players. I expect my team to win the group and at least reach the half final – everything else is unpredictible. Well lets see when we have to face Inter or Barca 🙂
In BWin the favorites for the Championsleage are Barcelona (no surprise), Real Madrid and Chelsea. Every euro on FC Bayern München pays back 13 Euros in case they win the final in Wembley in May 2011. Long way to go still- I bet 2,50 Euro that we will celebrate in the end 😉

Lets have a short look on the other groups.
Werder deals with Inter Milan, Tottenham and Twente Enschede. This is a rough group and I am not convinced that Werder will reach Place 1 or 2 in that group. Of course, Werder is a team that can surprise the opponent, their fans and sometimes themself even, but Tottenham is unpredictable for me and Twente showed that they can play god football too.

Group B: Schalke, Lyon, Benfica and Tel Aviv. Ok, Schalke should make Place 1 or 2 here, I do not think that Benfica can threat that so I guess we will see a fight between Schalke and Lyon for Place 1. Schalke has a real good coach and bought some good players, but then again Lyon is experienced and last year could kick out Real Madrid.

Group C shows Manchester United, Valencia, Buraspor and the Glasgow Rangers. I bet the most interesting match will be wenn the Rangers play ManU 🙂 Valencia is not bad and had some success in Champions League a few years ago, but I am convinced that Manchester will win this group.

Barcelona would be favorite in any group, but of course with Kopenhagen, Rubin Kasan and Athen they have a real easy way to the next round. Everything else but a 6 wins for Messi and Co. would be a hugh surprise. For place 2 I think Kasan has a chance. They showed last year that they are really strong at home and gave Inter a tough match.

Group F: Chelsea, Zilina, Marseille and Moskau. That Chelsea should win this group is out of discussion. but I predict it will be a hard fight for them too. Marseille and Moskau are strong teams – Zilina honestly I have no idea about.

A very good group is Group G: Real Madrid, AC Milan, Auxerre and Ajax Amsterdam. Oh where to start. Real has with Mourinho the best coach who took a strong Real Madrid and bought several good players, like Özil and Kedihra. I think Real will win the group, but the fight fr place 2 will be very exciting. I personally hope that Ajax Amsterdam will reach the next round as I hope for a match of Bayern München vs. Ajax, but… well we will see 😉

Finally, in group H Arsenal gets Braga, Donezk and Belgrad. What can I say. Arsenal place 1 of course. But who will be on place 2… I have honestly no clue about all these teams, Braga I only remember for that funny stadion 😉

So, to sum up, this what is my first thought about the group phase:
A) Inter and Werder
B) Lyon and Schalke
C) ManU and Valencia
D) Barcelona and Kasan
E) Bayern and Roma
F) Chelsea and Marseille
G) Real and Amsterdam
H) Arsenal and … Braga 🙂

I admit this is what most people will guess (maybe with AC Milan insteat of Amsterdam) and I am convinced that we will – as usual – get some surprises in the groups.

The CL starts in 3 weeks. I cannot wait!


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