a day at work

It is Monday. It must be Monday. There is no day like Monday they say. Well they… at least me. Some other too I guess. But who cares? So back to topic.

It is a typical Monday – or so you think. But today it is not. I got up (7:11 again… i really start to get nervous about that), waited for my alarm clock to ring as usual (7:30). Just this time I used the time to turn on the coffee machine already. It saves time later and even though I have a lot of time in the morning, I am in a hurry in the end all the time. But what ever. (I guess my problem is that I start dealing with my pictures on Picassa normal then, today I learned that I can actually modify the pictures and I did that with two of them. You can see the result on my Facebook account, maybe I add them here later.

So make long story short, i arrive at the office at 9:15 – and meet the entire office crew in the kitchen, drinking coffee and chatting. Not such a big surprise to see that at this time of the day but it was more than usual. The reason for this extraordinary lack of working atmosphere was simple: Internet did not work. And this is in our business vital. The Internet I mean. Working.
But it took only some 45 minutes until the first one announced: it works now! but only with Wifi. Not a problem one should think – and really, it works. It takes some more times because on some reasons the computer decided that I have to type in all the password double this time.
But the happy time of having web is not too long. Because after the first round of reading (understanding partly) and answering mails (the last there again is a bit connected to the understanding part but the good news is that the understanding is rising with the amount of coffee I drink) the web stopped interacting with my computer. After a it of confusion in the office (It works – no it does not. with me it works…. oh no it does not.) the order of the day was: use the cable. That helped a bit, not for long though, because then the (web based) Sugar program stopped working. And that is the death punishment for my work. So… I have to time to write a blog.

The good thing is that now I also have time to think about my weekend. Not that I would not like to work (really), but there is really nothing I can do. Even for sourcing i need that program. Still I will start with that as soon as I finished this here and just keep the pages open until Sugar works again. So weekend. I had a real nice one, friends from Germany visited me and we had a lot of beer, fun and laughing – THANKS GUYS! – and I met a real beautiful nice women 😉 No further comments on that.
Just sad that I did not make any pictures with my cam so – still, V. did make pictures and I truly hope that i will receive them soon.


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