a storm in a teacup

Yesterday I forgot my my camera at the office. That was a pity since I have been in Old Town and realized last days that I – even though I live here for more than 3 years now and have been so often in Tallinn already – have not really many pictures from Tallinn oldtown. How comes? Well no idea actually. I though I have a lot but then on some reason I checked for that and found out – I have a task now.

And wonder what: yesterday I saw so many nice scenes I would have loved to picture but… And then in the morning, the storm outside gave some real nice motives like the trees in front of my window – and again a but.

But what I wanted to write about: I am in a good mood. This is not that rare but still when i posted that on facebook, a good friend answered:

“could you please decide…3 hours ago you were crying for the dislike button and now you are in a good mood???”

That is true and still: I do not let the weather effect my mood. And I do refuse to think about the reasons why I am in such a  good mood suddenly. Actually there are several reasons for that and I am not willing to name one in particularly since there is not “the” reason for this. Don´t you know that all? That suddenly u feel just great? I like that feeling. On the other hand, without feeling bad how you know that you feel good? Sometimes I guess that I – and maybe I am not alone with that – we all make too much about our mood. Meaning that when we agree that our mood is influenced so easily by outside, we are not really able to control our mood but we are able to control what outside influence we let through. By music we listen to, by people we talk with, by actions we take.  So in the end …

Ah anyhow 🙂 I start working again but still I have two pictures on my cam still and would like to publish them here.


One thought on “a storm in a teacup

  1. I like what you say about mood. It is true. I am in a good mood.why? I don’t know. does there have to be a reason? I don’t know why but Word Press suggested I visit your blog and so I have — and I am glad

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