Market Impressions

First thing I have to say about my experience at the Tallinn Keskturg (Tallinn Central Market): I should go there more often. The market I mean. Even though the market area looks not that fantastic.

Actually it looks rather creepy. But then again it has a certain charm.

Well, I have to admit that Sunday after 4 in the afternoon is maybe not the best time to go there. The market was empty already, almost no customers and so many salesmen already were packing their things or even have left . Still, I liked it not to be so crowded and enjoyed to walk around looking on vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, meat, but also CDs, metal work, clothes (no haut couture of course, or lets say: maybe it was… 100 years ago…. no it was not even them.)

The little problem I had was more: It is forbidden to make pictures there and I have to state: They really mean it. The moment u take up the camera, some old woman is looking in anger adn when u even dare to look longer on the cam display, the chance is high that one of them comes over and starts talking in a real fast Russian saying something I did not understand but it was clear that she was not amused that I made a picture. So that is why I only made a few and those I did I had to hurry so they are not focused. Sorry for that.

But after all: I recommend you all to go there once a while and just walk through the varieties of different goods. It is real fun.


3 thoughts on “Market Impressions

  1. It is a really good place to be. We should go there more often as well. Especially during strawberry time it is a great place to be 😀

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