Actually I planed to start this here with a quote. But the only quote I remember about “decoration” is from the Commitments.

“If I’m gonna front the band, I like the sound of “Deco.””

Does not suit too good, hm? Well anyhow. Yesterday when I had a friend in my place, I realized what disturbs me so much about my place, why I have the feeling it is not as nice as it could be (Yeah I know I know, it would improve already if I move out…): I miss some decoration. Specially: Pictures. The walls are too empty.

They say (i need a quote in this blog!): To realize a problem as it is half the solution. So, what about the other half? I have chosen some pictures I made myself and think about printing them out in a bigger format (A4 or so) and put them on the walls. Just – which ones? I have selected 17 in a first draw. Some of them the reader or my blog do know already. So forgive me if I have some double in the end. In the end u find the possibility to vote, I am interested what pictures you like most. I will maybe try it with a few in the beginning only just to see how it looks like.

You have umlimited votes ( I hope ) so please vote for all you think they should be on my wall.


3 thoughts on “Decoration

  1. no comment … not 17 ….. are ready for vote …. please think about a solution that all will be right on your webside … best whises and great hugh to you …

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