What a saturday. Yesterday I went to a party but round 1 I went home, as usual took my laptop to the bedroom to watch one episode “Yes Minister”…. but I did not survive the first minute, then I fell asleep.

And then saturday morning. Actually perfect. I made tea (still no coffee pads) and realised that I have no sugar. So just some lemon. Back to bed and started to read news, play chess and talking with friends. All in all – sounds perfect but somehow I am not satisfied with this morning. Somehow I do not feel comfortable at home anymore. What can I do about that? Well, i really zhould re arrange some things, finally hang up pictures to have not so naked walls anymore, maybe move the sofa and the other furniture… something to have it more comfortable. Any ideas (from those who know my place?)?

Maybe it would be good to clean the place once more, but I am too stupid for that I guess. All the time I clean it looks worse after it. I am missing the cleaning-gen 😀 And since I cannot afford a cleaning-lady (and I mean, 46 m2, 2 rooms… naaaa)

On the balcony I have to remove that old carpet also. But I think I need help, it is quiet heavy, so I wait till I have david here and he can help me 😀 (hey David, now u know why I will invite you soon :D)

What else? Hm. Ok re arrangment of funiture, cleaning meanwhile and reorganisation of things. Then pictures up… I guess that is a good programm.

Now the only problem is: when. In 1 hour and a bit I help a friend to move. And in the evening I help another friend with his computer – and he said he is cooking… and he can really cook :)But then… it will be difficult to make my programm today. Including shopping (fridge is empty) and washing…

My life is sooooooooooooooooo exciting!


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