Wannabe – Creative

No, I do not make advertisement here now. And I also do not write about advertisement I have seen. Well OK, I do. That second. But not as you might think now. I just want to make a statement:

I would love to make advertisement spots for Cinema and TV. Yeah, I know…. but still. I don´t know, but I have a lot of ideas and when I think about them I see them like a short film in my head, hear the music- maybe it is that I want to make music visible or better said: I want to make the feelings visible one has when he is listening to music. hm. Not one but me 😀 All in all: I do have some nice ideas and just I lack the possibility to get them real. That is on 80% because I am too lazy I guess. The other 20% but are related to people I would need (filming, cutting) or people who give me a task and with whom I can create a good idea and then let it happen.

Why I want that? It is the creativity I like in it, the possibility to create a story, create a moving picture that transports a message and an image at the same time. As you see, the word create means a lot to me in this. And I feel that often I get ideas out of nothing as as those people I showed and explained them assured me: some of them are not that bad.  Almost I could have made a spot for a league but in the end it did not happen – well one reason was surely that I did not push enough to finish an example in order to show them what I (or better we since I work in a team on this) can do.  Not my team left to Munich (good luck T.!) but I hope that I will continue to talk with him about ideas and possibilities and maybe I find someone else in Tallinn with whom I can discuss and try and create something in this direction. As – and I have to say that – what I see in advertisement in Estonian TV sucks most of the time. Who told them that those spots may not be funny, may not be emotional..?

It would be a dream to make some spots on my own and then show them to companies and try to persuade them that – we can 🙂 Little problem is that without any budget it is very difficult to make something really good. Yes, it is possible I know, i do not want to find an excuse for not doing it before I even started. But you all will agree that with a little budget some things are more easy, eks? Maybe I will publish those ideas I have had and like most in this blog. Because – I still think that some are really good. So if you guys think you would like to read them just comment and then I might do it.

But the dream to make that as a profession (and this would be more than a job, it would be a profession) will stay a dream. So I will just stay – a wannabe 🙂


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