Kuchenblog 2.0

Yesterday I finally used my oven usefull and made a cake. I planed to make a cake with nuts but since Rimi was unable to provide me powdered nuts at all, I redecided and made a cake with cherries and chocolate. The main reason why it took so long (after all I live in Tallinn for more than 3 years now) is – that I was too lazy 😀 And also because I did not have a mixer. Ok, I know, there are shops having so many of them they even sell them, but honestly: A mixer? What for? I mean who needs a mixer?! – Except those who wanna make cake. Agree. Well now I have no mixer my self still, but a friend lend me one as an exchange for the right to try the first cake. Mission accomplished.

But back to business. Since it was the first cake for a long long time and since I never was a great cake – producer and counting in that therefore the expectations have not been the highest from the beginning, I can send out the information to my fellow readers: eatable. I would not pay money for it though, but one can eat it. Yan after all liked it a lot and I hope that in the office they will finish the cake today. Of course – my life is like that – Ave made apple cake and it is delicious so my baking-product stinks compared to that. But I am hopeful that at the end of the day the cake will be gone. And if not I will just ask the south-European office, guess they eat everything 😀


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