“not a small football country anymore”

It is not because I know them. It is not because I like them. It is because they make a fantastic job. With Frank and Lars as coaches of the national youth team, the Estonian Football developed rapidly and the success of the U19 and U21 gives a promising outlook to the future of football in the Baltics.

With the decision of the UEFA to give the 2012 UEFA European U19 Championship final tournament to Estonia, the great success of Franks 11 reaching the Under-19 Championship elite round -again! – gets -how we say in german – its “Sahnehäubchen”. After 2009 now Estonia again hosts some of the best youth teams within Europe.

I look forward to see the Estonian U19 playing and I hope that the football fans in Estonia will support their team again so fantastic as they did last time.(and I promise to myself that I will go to more games since I missed so many)

And I agree with Frank when he says: “n a few years, I believe my guys will be able to take our national team to the European championship.” And I may add: With you as coach 🙂

To remind you to the great atmosphere 2009:


One thought on ““not a small football country anymore”

  1. I watched your NT match against Italy and I was quite impressed on how much Estonian football had progressed lately. I think it’s just a matter of time until you will step on other countries that managed to qualify for final tournaments (like Latvia, Slovakia etc)

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