From a sauna, a pool, some wood and a dickhead.

Yesterday I have been at a real cool place on the Estonian country side – together with K. and L. (hope u enjoyed it) and a lot of couch surfers. It was a fantastic place, surrounded by trees, a small lake and a tiny river, old styled houses… it is like it is named: Vikings Village I strongly recommend it – not.

But let me just say a few words about that evening as it: It was really cool! I met friends there and also new people, couch surfers from Estonia, Finland, USA… The location was really great, several houses in an area (all old styled buildings) where the guests can party without disturbing each other, enjoy sauna, have barbecue, … All in all a fantastic place to go. And during the week not expensive and by car u drive some 20 minutes or so to center.

Unfortunately a guy works there who can be only called: Dickhead. Why I call him so?

Because he behaved like a mad jerk, unable to talk in a normal way, not willing to listen at all and awfully rude. The reason for him being upset: we dared to take of the wooden cover from a small pool (with water in it and colored lights inside). This would cost additional 1000 EEK he jelled – funny just that we did not even wanna argue about that when we tried to talk with him. After he then turned of the sauna (what we paid for) he walked away. It took us several phone calls with the owner we agreed that they turn on the sauna again and as I understood we had to pay 300 EEK only. I do not mind about the money. And in the end we all had a nice evening. But I am still really angry on that jerks behavior. So I cannot recommend you to go there. Sad. But true.


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