It is not a good month so far. Honestly not.

My cam is broken. I got a giant water bill. My shoes are not water proof (I realized today…). At work it seems I am cursed. I have no idea what to write about in my blog. I do sleep really bad these days. And I lose in chess.

On the other hand I got a nice visit from Germany, and today a friend shows up in Tallinn again. So, is it a bad month all in all? Maybe it is just a normal month and I just see the glass half empty only. But why is that? Why are we – or is it just me? – so negative and more willing to see the dark side and remember the bad moments instead of the good ones? Evolution, so we always try to make it better? But then it would be useful to have a brain that gets ambitious. In reality I face that I seem to get more depressive. And I honestly do think that I am not the only one. We all want to achieve a lot, want to collect luxury and have a pleasant life but if you look around you get the imagination that live gets more difficult for the broad majority while a small class gets more and more rich. Is that reality? Looking to statistics at least for Germany this s true. And if it is true: What now? Is this something that has to be stopped? Is that something the state has to step in, i.e. rise taxes? Lets have a look on Estonia. This state has a flat tax, 22% 21% for all with a tiny tax-free minimum. Sounds fair. The flat tax I mean. But if u look on small incomes, 22% 21% for them counts more than for large incomes. The solution in my eyes would be the following: rise the tax free minimum to an amount that is really allowing to survive. But that would mean of course that the state is loosing a lot of its income. And this would mean: rise taxes.But for whom? And how much?

It is not so easy to find a good solution about this. Just rising taxes is not a suitable solution also. It must been taken care of that those who earn good and bring in their knowledge and skills after taxes have still more than they would have in other countries with higher salaries but also higher taxes.

I am not a politician. And I am far from having the one and only solution for all the problems or even for one. But I see that in the Estonian society a lot of things run in the wrong direction. Or is that just my western – look as I have heard from Estonians when I mention such problems?


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