I have a mission

Life is surprising. Yesterday I planed to go with some friends to Haapsalu but I ended up staying in Tallinn and Matthias an me went to old town to have a beer before the Klitschko fight.

So, first station was the Butterfly lounge in Vana-Viru. A nice place all in all, just a terrible lack of beer in that lounge. But we got in contact with the Programm Manager and had a nice conversation with her. She invited us to come later back to listen to an estonian singer who just graduated from a jazz school in Paris – leaving with the plan to come back it never happend. But one ofter the other.

The butterfly lounge is a nice place all in all. It is another lounge (yeah… lounge. a totally new concept in Tallinn oldtown…). But since there was no beer we decided to move on. Next station was Chicago (too lazy to walk far and Matthias did not know that yet). We had a beer upstairs in the smoking room, but then decided we move on.

And then (now we come to the point) we passed by the EGO lounge and decided that we both do not know that place and should give it a try (just to mention: another lounge….). It looks rather small on the first view but then we were told that there is a second floor and we decided to go upstairs. Just a few words now about that place: real good service (western style), great looking women (sorry to mention that but it is the truth), good prices (two Mochito 120 EEK) and then… the pictures.

In the first room upstairs (with the flair of a waiting room to be honest (should be less light) they hung up a slide show of a woman in different poses. And after I spend at least 20 minutes watching all these pictures I just asked the waitress if it is possible to buy such a picture. Honelsty I hoped to get the email address of the photographer but – I left the lounge later with the picture under my arm. The one picture that fascinated me the most and that I could not stop looking at.

The funny part: actually the model was in that room but she looked different (much shorter hair etc) so I did not realize it was her (and honestly I never expected such a coincidence) but she did when the waiter suddenly took of that foto and gave it to me – and she signed it also 🙂

And now u ask yourself and me: and what is the mission?

Simple: I want to make such pictures also 🙂 As soon as I have a good camera again I will start to practice. Any volunteers?


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