Short Blog

Today in the radio I heared something really nice.
Finally, I thought by my self while I was steering my steps through the morning traffic of Tallinn to reach the office, finally there are they: the politicians with a vision. The politicians with goals.

Unfortunately… I focus these politicians not in Estonia. Not in Germany. Hell not even in Europe. They are ……. *tamtatatam (this is meant as a rataplan)* in VIETNAM!!!


Yes! The political leaders in Vietnam decided that their people and therefore their eceonomy has less chances on the world market as long as they are so small. The average Vietnamese man is little over 1,60, the women even are smaller. Now the Vietnamese politicians decided that within the next years, the average vietnamese shall be 4 cm taller. They plan to reach that in a combination of food and education. How the latter shall help I did not understand.

Unfortunately I did not find that news on the internet but it was on Deutsche Welle Radio, so I hope I will find it soon and then can follow the success of this great plan.


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