homo homini lupus est

Actually I really have to work. So I thought not to write in this blog. But as Ephraim Kishon once wrote: Men thinks – God is against it.

While I had a coffee cup chat with my friend David on MSN, we came to the world-moving topic money, and then – no wonder – to the Italian lotto jackpot with… i do not even know, last time it was 155 million Euros. And David told me that lately he saw a report on TV about a man who was a millionaire (lottery win as far as he remembered) and lost everything so now he has to live on social aid. And my first comment was:

“other way around would be more impressive. but maybe…”

And then in my head my thoughts put in a burst of speed: sure, it would be much more impressive to live on social money and then have an idea, work hard on it and end up as a millionaire. But is that really what people wanna see? In cinema yes – happy end is still highly appreciated in cinema movies. People wanna see the heros walk/fly/ride/sail in the sunset, while the enemies are crashed, smashed and burned down after being shot. People wanna see the that true love wins over the suppression from society, jumps over the gap of classes and connects poor and rich people. But this is all fiction. It is movie. It is cinema.

You will object now: TV also. But stop, that is not the entire truth. TV in talk shows and reports gives the impression that they show the real life. And in real life we do not want to see a happy end all the time, isn´t it so? Isn´t it so that in reality we humans want to see other people suffer, that bad news attract us much more than good news? Maybe it is because we time to time need to see that there are others with the same – or even worse problems. And maybe while dreaming to climb out of the struggle of the common up to the level of the rich, beauty and happy people, it gives us strength to see that others fail, fall back, cannot stay on the higher ground?

What do you think? Give me your comments.


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