About dreaming, hoping and waking up

I overslept my alarm clock today. Or lets say: i forgot to set my alarm clock, what is – even though it sounds different – kind of the same for me since I normally wake up before it rings. In the end – it was the ideal ending of a strange, weird and wicked weekend.

A clever man once said: life is what happens while we wait that our dreams and hopes get real. Ok the translation sucks I agree. But I think you get the point. So what does that mean in my case? I do dream too much maybe and forget to live. Or maybe I do not forget to live but I avoid decisions and try to let as many doors as possible open – and do not dare to walk through one. I need a push – but there is no one who is pushing me in the right direction. Maybe someone who has a better overview. A wise old man who knows and leads. Hm, religion is a new topic in this blog 🙂 maybe I just get old.

But anyhow. In a way life is pink, and one should never forget that sun is shining behind the clouds every day. Too optimistic for me? If you think so you do not know me. I do see the sun, but I also see the clouds. I am realist. And I do not wake up from that.


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