I need vacation

I really do need vacation. Not because I am exhausted by my job. I am not. A bit depressed sometimes when a day seems to be cursed (and I have that often…). It is not because I do not want to go to the office, I like the office here. It is good to be here, all in all.  And I also do not need vacation to lie around on a beach somewhere and spend the hours between breakfast and dinner with the try to catch a sunburn. I just want to experience something new. So I plan to make several trips when I have enough money. Since the last one appears to be a bigger problem I got the idea to explore more of my new homecountry. I.e to go to Saaremaa and then further to Vilsandi in February/March. The reason is simple: I want to take a good camera (either buy one or lend one… looks like I have to lend) and make photos of the breeding area of the seals. To be exact for all who are interested in biology: Halichoerus grypus

While searching for a nice house to rent there with a sauna, looking forward to spend a few days out there with nature, sauna, cold and vodka I also found a tour to follow wold living wolves in West-Estonia. Sounds very interesting too. And I am sure that there are more really cool things one can do in Estonia – just no one living here thinks about that. We all always think a holiday must be out of the country. Wonder why? I look forward to explore more of Estonia.

Anyone can lend me a good camera? 🙂


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