A short story about the truth

One shall always tell the truth.


Lets have a short look on this. Is it really a good advise? I am not gonna go on these rhetorical questions girlfriends or wifes are telling men time to time – “Does that shirt makes me look fat”…”Do you really think that woman is pretty?”…”Do you really want another beer?” All these answers can be answered with the truth (except the one about the other woman)  It does not matter what one answers, because the question is already implied: of course the shirt does not make her look fat, but even though U say “no way, Honey”, she will not listen. You can deny on the attractiveness of the other women, she saw in ur look that you think she is.

But as I said, this is not the topic. Ok., it was because I made it but lets just stop this and go to something complete different.

Truthful answers.Lets say you are late at work. You come in the office, and before you look in the corner where your boss is sitting, you feel his look. You turn around, facing the unavoidable question: “Why are you late?”

Now, what is the correct answer. You cannot give the truth because it is not a good advise to inform your boss that because of the 8 beers you have had yesterday with your friends in a bar made you sleep longer. And also it is embarrassing to admit in front of your boss and all your colleagues – the creepy guy in the corner who is never really speaking and gives no smile what so ever, the long haired blond colleague with the big ears who gives you these “do no look there”   view even though you really did not look on her giant boobs, the the young student who tries to make every day as many jokes as he has wimps on his face and a new person you have never seen before in the office , what means either that  that your new colleague or he is the housekeeper who finally found time to repair the broken cupboard the office staff is using to hide stuff they do not know where to put at and hoping that no one dares to open the cupboard door  because everyone expects that the next try will also be the last one and the entire content of the board will bury the doomed person  within seconds and forever – that your girlfriend at home convinced you for passionate morning sex (ok, i guess the bigger problem is that – even though it might be the truth in this case – the boss will not gonna believe it.)

So what is the right answer? I missed the bus? Well, that explains maybe a 5 minutes late but not 1,5 hours. After all the public transport is not that bad.

I decided to try the truth. I decided to be open and say the real reason why I come so late to work. I looked in my bosses eyes and said:

“Well – it makes the day seem shorter.”

And guess what, it worked out fine. More or less.

Anyone has a job offer for me?

P.S. I just want to add that the description of the colleagues in the office and the housekeeper are complete unrealistic and not in any way even close to my every day reality. We do not even have a cupboard in the office. 🙂


6 thoughts on “A short story about the truth

  1. [q]I missed the bus? Well, that explains maybe a 5 minutes late but not 1,5 hours. After all the public transport is not that bad.[/q]

    Wrong. Missing the bus means exactly being 1,5 hours to late.

  2. Where does the idea come from that lying is somehow bad, anyway?

    The ancient Greeks, for example, believed it was a great virtue to be able to know when to lie, and to whom, and to be able to tell a lie well. See, for example, Odysseus.

  3. Well, generally I blame the Ancient Greeks on a lot of the evils in the modern world, but on this one I think they were right and the Romans wrong. Μῆτις (the combination of wisdom and cunning) was a key part of his ἀρετή.

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