Saturday Work

Most people do not work on a saturday. Some surely do. Some do work but they do not call it work. One of those is I. I do work but I would not call it like that. Work is for what I do in the office monday to friday. Weekend is off. In theory. But of course there are many things to do you might call work either: Like: refilling the fridge, cleaning the appartment, washing clothes, ironing shirts (ok I do not iron my shirts I admit it) and and and.

Today is different. Today I want to work really. On my project. And it is about time! I have the basic concept for almost 2 years now but I never finished it. The reason is simple: I am a lazy bastard. 🙂 No, well that is one of the reasons. But if I like something I intend to be more motivated and forget my laziness. But I needed some external help and that was hard to find. When I told people about my idea and my concept, the majority said (because they thought like that or because they just wanted to polite): Hey that is a real cool idea. Do it! I will sign up for sure. A few said: aha. and what is the new part in that idea and why would I need it?

I like both answers. The one gives me courage to go on and the vision that it is really something people will use – and honestly I am not working on that thing jsut for me, it shall be – and I am convinced will be – a success. But when I doubt time to time, I just remember that many people encouraged me and thought it is a good idea.

But I also like those who are sceptical because they force me to rethink the entire concept and to make it better and more user friendly. I have to argue about my concept and that helps me a lot – because then I realize how much i never worte down or never thought about in detail and questioned if my solution is the best possible and targetoriented.

But the bigged problem I had was: I needed support in programming and design. Not a problem one shoudl think, but there is a trap: I have no money to pay. And that limited the amount of people who were willing down to zero 🙂

Though – finally I succeeded and today the designer comes here and we try to develope some screenshots and go through details of the concept so my programmer cna start “debugging” or how ever you IT Geeks call that. I have no clue.

So,  I am excited that we will make a step forward today. Rome wasn´t build in a day and also the YouTube developer had doubts sometimes I bet.

I keep you informed.


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