The sense of humor

Humour is a strange thing. It is because – like with love – everyone agrees that there is something like humour. Everyone claims that he has great humour. And still – noone can say his definition of humour is a general one. Well one can say but I am sure most people will not agree. And that is the beauty and the problem at the same time.

Asking wikipedia, humor isto be defined like this:

“Humour  is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement.”

If you then follow the further description you soon realize that humor is actually a very serious task. And as it turns out, the various ways of understanding humor can be lead to a missunderstanding and even been taken as an offense. Specially when one is using the element of burlesque what is often used in sarcastic or ironic articles. The creator of the story is walking on a fine line between creating laughter and the feeling of insultment.

The wicked thing is: one cannot really know who people will react. Because the understanding of such articles, as – many will have guessed that I am referring to a certain one and also will have guessed which on-  the “short story about truth“, is a as vital as unpredictable point. As I learned – many people in my office have read that article and some did not understand that it was 100% comedy and no truth in it, but obviously are thinking that I described colleagues. To make that clear here: I DID NOT DO THAT!

I am not sure how to to apologize since I did not mean to harm anyone, did not even think that anyone could feel bad or misunderstand what I mean here. What I can do is assure that I did not picture any specific person when I set up the part with the office scene and did not even picture this office or any office I ever worked in. But if anyone felt offended – I do apologize for that.

I really hope this is solved now and I ask everyone who is offended to talk to me in person or by eMail.


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