The night, the wolf and many movies

Today it starts again, for the 14th time already – for me and for many of my friends a high-lite of the cultural year in Estonia and something we all look forward too: the Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival, short PÖFF.

From tomorrow on until 05th of December the schedule of many people is packed with movies. I know people who went to 30 movies last year and I bet that this year it will not be much different. For me, 30 is far too much – after all, I have to admit, most movies are not so interesting to me. But when I went through the schedule this year I found several highly interesting movies I want to see and I am sure that I will get some more recommendations during the festival.

Even the weather is perfect – what I love about PÖFF is not only that it brings some highly interesting movies to Tallinn and therefore to me, movies I would not have heard off otherwise – and so also not have seen. It is the entire atmosphere, the medieval background of a town between autumn and winter, the long dark nights and the short grey days that infect the mood of everyone in some way. In the middle of the annual November depression one gets more or less automatically here this festival has an extra portion of charm. I am not sure I would have gone to such a festival in Munich. In fact I never heard about such a festival in Munich but even though… But here in Tallinn, it is different – or I am different, who knows. Anyhow, I love the idea that it starts tonight and just now it starts snowing and Tallinn gets covered with white fresh snow and this picture makes Tallinn the most beautiful town of the world (do not say no, to me it is!)

Well anyhow. PÖFF starts tonight and I already picked some movies I might consider to watch.

What are your recommendations? What movie I have to see in ur opinion? What movies you wanna watch also, maybe we can meet and go together… I will publish my PÖFF2010 TimeTable later today


Harry Potter 7


Poll Diaries

13 Semester


7 Samurai

Võrras (Die Fremde)

Yes men…



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