Looks like

Too many of my friends have left Estonia 😦

Today another one turns his back to Tallinn and moves to Germany. It is sad since I anyhow do not have so many friends, that this amount even gets less. Then again – i decided to depend less on other people and start accepting to make things alone.
Sunday I went to my first PÖFF movie, and I will today try to get a ticket for the second movie: 13 Semester. And again I have to go alone although I really would prefer to go there with someone but I find noone who wants to join me.Looks like I have to work more on my “doing things alone”… Point is that going with someone is much more fun. One can chat before the movie, discuss previews and after the movie can go for a beer and discuss if it was a good or a bad movie. But then again, is the question of enjoying something depending on the company one has? For me it have had so far – I really do not like to do things alone.

Well – maybe I get used to it.


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