A day to forget

Yesterday was strange. Do you know that when u have good and bad things happen the day over and you cannot decide what is stronger? Let me sum it up, what happend yesterday?

I had a tough day at work, end of month gets closer and I am not done yet… not even close.

In my project I made a step backwards (actually I made so many steps backwards already with it that I wonder if I moved at all yet… Not that I am giving up but it starts to become depressing).

In my private life I received a message worth to run against a wall – again and again or to get terrible drunk but since it the next day was a workday I decided not to try that.

In another project my partner there got one of his ideas and that brings a lot of work with it – and I am convinced it is not needed but what

can I do, he is the boss.

A colleague made pictures yesterday of me, one picture to be precise, and I am not sure if hate it or just do not like it what could because I think I look old and stupid on it.



Then again, there were some good things.

It started snowing again and Tallinn gets its best face: The Christmas – Snowy Face

I saw a fantastic movie in cinema: 13 Semester

The salesperson at the gas station recognizes me already (seems I buy there  often things :D)

A nice woman invited me for Friday on a glass of wine.


So all in all – a strange day. A day to forget? Theoretical question since I forget a lot but somethings- preferable bad things – not.



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