A german comedian once said: calories are tiny little animals that sew my clothes tight at night. (yeah I know, muy english sucks…). Following this way of thinking, then decisions are like women: when u start to like one – she is running away. But I do not want to talk about women today – ok I want but I will not – but about decisions.

Decisions are a curious thing. We make them all the time and in 90% we do not even think about it a lot. Then again, sometimes you feel like sitting in front of a decision and hesitate to walk on because you are too lazy, you do not like the decision or you just think that you better wait because there is the rare but existing possibility that after a while another decision passes by and you can just follow that one.  These decisions are called: difficult decisions. And I hate them. Because what ever I do, I am just not sure if it is the best one. I try to think like a chess player – and all my friends who play chess with me know that I am a real bad chess player. I start to try thinking like that: if I do that, then he can do that and then I respond like that what makes him do this and here I go. But I am not consequent in that way of thinking, and after a while I get annoyed of it and just make something  – and mostly this is wrong. With women (just to close that chapter here) I do the same. What gives me the rare and not welcome talent to make women run away from me even though a week before they still liked me. All because my way of decision making is not compatible with reality or at least target orientated.

Now you wonder who I make decision?

Lets make a stupid example. When I go to work in the morning, I all the time come to the question: shall I walk around Viru Center or through. Mostly I walk through, sometimes around, but why? Since I am  Because when I reach the cross road in my head the debate starts:

A: Hey, shall we go round Viru today?

B: ah i dunno. It is cold

A: Sissy! It is not that cold.

B: Yes it is. And actually we could take the tram

A: The tram? Are u sick? That cost 10 EEK for 2 stops.

B: not even one euro.

A: Are we a millionaire now?

B: oh shut up. What for we work if we do not spend it? U are so greedy.

A: we spend it on the expensive appartment, the mobile phione, the internet and beer

B: ok… beer counts.

A: so no tram.

B: no tram.

A: and do we go around Viru now?

B: Why, is Viru charging entrance fee ?

A: do not give them that idea, they might do it.

B: So why should we go around it?

A: we could smoke then

B: smoking is bad for ur health.

A: I do not like you in the morning

B: Do you like me in the evening?

A: only when u are not sober.

B: I like you too.

A: OK, compromise: We go through and then we smoke when we get out on the other side

B: Deal

A: I still want to go around. I do not like Viru Center in the morning

B: Can u please shut up? We made a deal! Stick to it.

A: I still do not like u.

B: NaNaNa! Like a small child! One can not talk with you reasonable!

A: Ha! I am you, so you just insult yourself!

B: Do you also see that people around us are looking already? Behave once please.

A: The traffic light will not get any greener.

B: You know what: U can go around Viru, I walk through.

A: Nice try. Forget it.

And this is just about the question what way I shall walk. Imagine what happens for more important questions, like: should I go back to Germany to find a good payed job there… I would write that dialog but I better not. Takes to much time.

Achso: I did take the Tram today.


2 thoughts on “Decision-making

  1. Hey Erik, perhaps this is one package of advices which might assist you somehow, at least sometimes they do for me.

    I think you are the guy trying to think “big” – to have big targets and a lot of success – this is generally good. You are bright guy so. But all this big decisions can make you blind-fold for what it is on the way there.

    One follow german wrote (not myself): Think small, act big.
    Actually I find this to be true.

    In other words for me this would mean:
    Have a big plan or target / goal – but think not about the target itself, but about all those small decisions one by one which might lead you there.


  2. C: come back to germany, guy. there are a lot of cool jobs, family, girls, and there are many people how drink beer smoke and do something with you. when you want to be alone in estland without friends it is your decision…

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