Christmas Presents

It is Christmas – ok it is not yet but my calender informed me that it is unavoidable coming.

And as usual it give the same old problem: What the heck shall I buy as present? And for whom?

Lets start with family:

Mom and Dad: Thats a puzzle. What can U give as  a present to them? They have in principle all they want I guess. And if not _ I cannot afford it. The good thing when you were young was:  they do not expect a lot . But with 35 years one should find something. I  just have not a clue what. Books? Sure they intent to read. But then again they do have a lot of books.  I skip that decision.

Easy task – he is just a year old so he does not remember anyhow. His mom said some clothes would be nice. have to see about that.


Easy also, he does not get anything I guive something to his son 😉 Or can I do that? After all I gues I get something from him. OK I skip that one too.


Hm. She is about to move into her new home. Maybe something for that? But what? She has two birds as I remember. A cat?  Ok ok… no cat. I will skip that for the moment.


Whom else we have?


HAHAHAHA. Next one.


Then I have a lot of people I send a Christmas card. Maybe a nice one. Maybe I make on myself. Too bad, I have no cam, otherwise I could make some real nice pictures of snowy Tallinn and make Christmas Cards out of that. Better than just buying something.


So. A lot of skiped tasks. Maybe it will help to go to Christmas Market and have a hot wine. Maybe I get some ideas then.


Achso, to all who wanna make me a present: I need a good camera. 🙂




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