Holy crap, its Xmas!

Good morning 🙂

since I realized that it is already 13th of december and that means only 11 days till christmas evening, I thought about the christmas songs one hears all the time on markets, in malls and on the radio.

Time to make a list of songs about that topic, don´t you think?

One of the songs I like most is from Chris Rea: Driving home for Christmas

I cannot say why I like that songs so much. Maybe it is from the time when I lived in Würzburg and had this nice 2-3 hour drive home to my parents place. So I remember one time I was in a small traffic jam on the Autobahn and it started slowly snowing, I turned on radio and was looking out the night, smoking a cigarette and from the radio I heard that song. It was such a nice atmosphere, people in the other cars also looked somehow relaxed. I .. just felt good 🙂

One all time favorite song I have – specially when it is snowing outside as it does a lot these days in Tallinn (juhuu) is of course the Dean Martin evergreen Let it snow! I do not really have to explain that, do I?

On some reasons I do like english or better said american christmas songs. Maybe it is because the germans are … so holy. I do not know how to describe it better but I am missing in the german songbook for christmas just songs without the religious touch, like you fing in Andy Williams Its the most wonderful time of the year.

Somehow I think Christmas songs should be fun most of all. Something with a simple beat everyone likes. A good example for such a song is Shakin´Stevens Merry Christmas Everyone.

Looking on my list so far and the songs I wanna add also, I admit that I am very much influenced by the american way of christmas. of course I know that many people think that this way is just skin-deep and more or less Hollywood style. But then again – so what? I do not see a reason not to like it: Sir James Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmas Time (after all I really like his music)

All who hoped to find Last Christmas here – no way 🙂 I just heard that song too often. And for all who thought I would bring at least one german christmas song – i cannot think of any I like a lot.But maybe I just need some help, so feel free to write me your fav songs!  But one I almost forgot. Of course an english one and again one very old one – but then I am old too. So to end this blog now I add Albert Hammond Under the Christmas tree.


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