Some thoughts about the role of a banana in the evolution

Sometimes I think weird. For example today. I went to the kitchen to get a new coffee and since I have been there already I also took a banana. I like bananas. But I do not wanna talk about my taste of food or start a fruit discussion (although I would love to talk with one of these vegetarians who only eat fruits that fell of the tree by itself because they think it is cruel to cook carrots or so… that must be funny as hell…. ).

I just stood there waiting for the coffee machine to fill my cup, when I thought about the banana and its part in the evolution. Evolution is funny anyhow I think. I mean if you follow that theory, we (I mean the humans. or what was going to be a human later. u know what I mean) came out of the water to live on land. That was a quiet clever step I guess, although I really like to be in water I also enjoy the idea of living on dry land. Then again it is not that dry specially in Estonia in winter. Different topic. I guess we all agree that the step out of the water on land was a good one. But then – if I understand that correct, we climbed up the trees. So if u consider the water being lower than land, we constantly climbed up, right? Out of the water up on land and then up on trees.A typical human thing, always try to make a step ahead. If clever or not, it does not matter since you only know after u made that step if it was clever or not so clever after all. So lets consider that our great great great great great great great great great great great great great gr……eat grandparents just came out of the water. They stood there, looking around and wondered what to do. So one for them saw a tree and started to climb up. I guess because he saw a banana.

The next logical step would have been flying I guess. And maybe the fact that we went down from the trees again is that too many tried to fly and actually really started flying – down to ground what I am afraid might have hurt time to time. Where I am convinced it did not really matter how high the tree has been that guy was falling of as I learned that it is not the falling down that kills or hurts you but the actual hitting on the ground.

And a few thousand years later I was flying. Not of the tree or on the ground, but with Estonian Air from Tallinn to Helsinki, and guess what: I got a banana up in the air. Coincidence?

I said it.. weird thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts about the role of a banana in the evolution

  1. No, it’s not a coincidence. You showed clearly, that getting a banana while flying is the ultimate telos of human development. So, my friend: You have fullfilled the destiny of mankind – you have ended history!

    … or there is somewhere a small mistake in this whole theory

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