Fishing for compliments – FAIL

I really should realise that I get old.

Am old. (ok ok)


But sometimes I try to ignore that fact and give it a try. Like today in the gas station on my way home after sport. (yes. I know, hard to belive but it is true.) So I went in the mentioned gas station in order to fill up my supply on cigarettes. And when I go in the shop I see that nice young lady behind the cash. She sees me, smiles and grabs a package of my cigarettes, smiles lovely and asks “lights, right?“.

I am a bit confused that she knows that as I am sure I have never seen her bevore – a good sign that I know somebody after all. So I give a smile back and say “yes, lights.” And after a break I mention “Wow, you know already what I wanna buy. Amazing. That might be a sign that I buy too many cigarettes here.”  And lovely young lady (Anne-Liis with name) smiles back with a “Maybe“.

And now my mistake. I shound have payed and left. Should. But no, Erik needs to push forward in his fishing for a compliment. So I add “Maybe it is because you think I am such a nice guy that you remember what i buy.” Ok ok, i know. Not the most intelligent. But when a young lovely woman is smiling to you, you cannot always say something intelligent. Some might throw in the comment now that I never say a lot of intelligent stuff but that is not the point here.

And what did Anne-Liis answer on my stupid try to flirt with her? She said “ Nope.”

So I learn: I need to buy my cigarettes in differents stores from now on and I have to stop flirting with young women. Or I try it again nest time. Lets see 😉


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