Patarei prison

I never have been inside yet. Although I had some chances. But I missed them. All. Actually I cannot say why,guess I just had something else to do or have  been too lazy. Or I forgot the event. But I like to walk there, it is not far from my place and it looks very impressive. And each time I am there I think I should go there more often. But I think that a lot about a lot of places. So maybe the point is: I am too lazy. So, anyone wants to kick my ass a bit and bring to some nice places where I can make nice pictures?

About Patarei in general: I think it is very sad that this interesting building in its great location (great sea view after all) is not used. As far as I know it has a pollution problem or so, something like Asbest or.. no idea what exactly but friends told me that it is not possible to use it without investing a hugh amount to renovate it. It is a pity really. Anyone knows what are the problems with that building?

Anyhow. Since I have not been inside I made some more pictures from outside. And I think some look quiet nice.



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