Sometimes I love the Estonian sense of humor!

Estonians are famous for many things. Not talking. Drinking. Not talking. And drinking. Maybe something else. But sense of humor is not included. And there is a reason for it. But sometimes they have real nice ideas, although I am not sure if only I sense the irony in what I read on ERR today (thanks Tony for sharing!)

The Metropol gallery offers visitors a unique opportunity to feel like Scrooge McDuck (for the germans: Dagobert Duck) once in a lifetime. A 6 square meter pool filled with Estonian kroones. How funny that this is offered in a country where everyone seems to think that he deserves to become a Millionaire in a day and in case he has a business first he sets up prices to achieve that and then spends the entire income to buy a new car, apartment or to go on an holiday-trip.

Too bad I cannot go and make a picture and then jump myself in it and swim a bit. Wonder how it feels.


One thought on “Sometimes I love the Estonian sense of humor!

  1. I guess it will not be cosy at all: Coins will just be hard and cold… And if you’d let them drop on your head like DD, it’ll hurt….

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