2 days to eternity

when I think about my time in university, I remember sometimes stupid things. I mean not stupid things I have done, those I remember very well all the time. I am talking about stupid information one receives,  and files, although he is sure he will never ever need that again. That is what I think about that information flipping to my mind. I am not even sure if I remember correct. DO you know that? U remember something, you remember exactly where you have been and what you have done when that an d that happend, you are entirely sure, you swear every oath, you KNOW it was like that – and then it turns out: poppycock. It was different. Maybe you find a picture or a film or anything that proves you are wrong. But still, the picture in your head will be the same and you know it happen like that. Because you remember. Maybe our brain works like the biological engineers in Jurassic Park: they fill up missing parts in the DNA (here memory) code with other memory parts from the same time to complete a picture.


But that is a complete other topic.Lets come back to the origin. Well , how ever it may be, I remember that I heard that long long time ago- I think I remember it was the during the roman empire –  the average age people reached was 36. (Or was that in Logans Run? No, that was 30. Anyway, cool movie).

So in these days one had a quiet good chance to end ones life with 36 and dive into the eternity of time.

I will be 36 in 2 days. 2 days to eternity.


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