This morning I try something new: Working from home.

Not because I do not like the office. In fact I do. Not because I am too lazy to walk there: It is snowing I like that.

Not because I was thrown out of the office by colleagues (yet) (:D)

No, it is simple: I cannot stand up way and mostly I can hardly walk. I am more jumping. On one leg. Since I yesterday played football. Actually I have to face the fact that every monday when I play football the rest of the week I feel bad. Maybe that is a sign. But then again who cares. So, I played not that bad actually (aside that I did not make a goal but some nice passes) and suddelny I felt that in my left leg something… actually I am not sure but I think ripping is a good word. In fact I felt and heard something and ever since my walking is much slower. And more jumping. Where I could yesterday but this morning it is terrible. Jumped in the shower and back and decided to stay in the back then 🙂

So today I gonna work from home. Not sure if I stay in bed or try to hobble on the couch. but first I need to organize myself a coffee – Note: as long as I prefer to have pain through walking insteat of missing coffee I am not that sick.


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