Holiday plan

Well, I need to think about my years holiday. Forced by company. What can I do?

Well, so in March I go for a week to Dublin. So March is solved.

I guess May/June would be the next suitable time to go on holiday. Of course I need to remember that I have an appointment in September in Berlin. So I need to reserve at least 5 days for that.

Where could I go? Since I have Estonian salary, my possibilities are limited. Should be something in East Europe or North Europe. What is interesting?

By towns: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa, Kiev, Minsk.

But also I really would like to see the very north of Europe. So Norway or Sweden is an option. I guess not north Finland. If I go to Finland then I go to the summer cottage of my brothers wife – but only with them of course. Cannot go without them I guess…

So, any ideas where to go? Should be something where I find a great landscape to make pictures. Look forward to hear ideas


One thought on “Holiday plan

  1. Ich war leider in der Gegend noch nich, also gibts von mir keine Vorschläge 😉
    Was aber ne richtig coole Szene wäre, wäre, wenn du im Sommerhäuschen von K & H sitzen würdest, ein Weinchen schlürfen, auf einmal geht die Tür auf und die beiden schauen dich verdutzt an xD

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