Freedom and Independence

Yesterday Estonia celebrated its freedom and independence. Freedom from the Russian occupation, freedom from the German occupation. Freedom for a small population on the Baltic sea, in between several mighty powers, Germany and Russia in last century, before that one also has to mention Denmark and Sweden.

Estonia was occupied for more than 700 years, so one can understand why Estonia is celebrating its freedom every year twice. Once in February to remember the first independence after World War I, and again in August to celebrate the freedom after the sovjet occupation.

Being a German, for me it is strange to see a military parade. We do not have that in Germany since we got liberated from the Nazi Regime and I have to say: I do not miss it. Honestly, I can see no sense in a military parade. Of course, I can make nice pictures and the population took part in a large group although it was very cold yesterday morning. Guess it is part of experience and custom so I might be the wrong person to judge about the sense or nonsense of such a parade. I am just happy that we do not have that in Germany and sometimes when I am alone with myself I think that this way of adoring military and weapons is not the right way to show the strength of a nation.

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