March, 1st 2011

It is. The first day of March 2011 years after a man was born who got nailed to a cross  for spreading the idea that world might be more nice when all men are nice to each other. And according to my memory to the bible he was 33 when that happen. What is an interesting fact, that the Christians (and so do I since I am part of that group although I am not the most active member) think that he is God. Or was. Was and is. and will be. But he got only 33 so from that (silly) point of view I am older than God. Wow.

In other religions one can get killed for such a joke. But as Gerhard Polt, the great Bavarian comedian already expressed: Opposite to a religion who forbids beer, we are proud to have a religion that brews the beer itself. Another joke that might get me killed. Another interesting question of course is: If I would not life in such a free and liberal society where religion is something one can make lot of jokes about as much as it is allowed to believe in it and follow the rules – or at least those rules that are convenient -, if I would have grown up in a hotblodded islamic country, growing up in the firm believe that a joke about Allah and Mohammed is one of the worst things in life… would I miss the chance to make jokes about it?

Many such stupid and interesting questions are flooding my mind today since I woke up, stood up, woke up more and finally went to work. Or driven to work. By tram. I still have that monthly ticket. Not sure actually how long it is valid I think March 10th. After that I will walk again. I guess. Of course it is very nice to drive to work also. By tram. With a car it would be a waste of gas and according to the location of the office and the parking spots I think I would not only pay a lot but also walk much more. And of course – I have no car.  That might the thoughts about driving to work by car. Gee I am too lazy.

Well, I came to work and – now actually comes the jumping point (:D), I heared a real nice song on my iPod that I did not know yet: She hates me. I heared it in the version of Scala & Kolacny Brothers. If you are not sure who they are: remember “creep” from “social network” or as most of the people called it: the facebook movie. So now I googled the song, found the version of a totally unknown (to me!) band called Puddle of mudd and still I like it. And Since I am a nice guy I wanted to share it with you. So, enjoy it: Puddle of mudd verison of “She hates me”

Aside that I live my life as usual. Maybe work a bit more these days. That does not make me more successful of course but that might come just by time. Or maybe more is not hard enough. Just these days I miss the shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel more than I see it. Time that that is changing again. But I hope that those I hope will fulfill their promises and do their part so I can proceed (and in this case I simply cannot make it myself :)) and bring my own project online soon.

Well, March started 9 hours ago.  735 hours till April. But only 399 hours till Dublin. Think pink 😉



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