Just another sunday morning

As I said. It is sunday. a sunny sunday I have to say. Not because I want to make a bad joke with words or because I follow the wrong path of believing that I am the first one who found this word combination. I mention it because it belongs to this morning. I sit on my couch with a (meanwhile empty) coffee-cup (is it still a cup of coffee when it is empty?), listen to Klassik Radio and watch out through my big windows on the wonderful light-blue sky, the sparkling white snow and the ice covered Baltic Sea.

In the other room is a beautiful young lady sleeping. Yeah. I know what you all think now. But I have to disappoint you, I slept on my couch. But we had a nice evening yesterday and I promised her breakfast so since I went shopping already akll I have to do is to wait until the lady decides it is enough sleep 🙂 Well Well… Erik and women. Strange story. But I do not wanna spoil this beautiful day with that topic. Not that I do not like to talk about women. Or even more with women. But not here and now. The radio plays  something really nice, but I did not hear who wrote it. So I just enjoy unaware and still I like it. Maybe I like it also because I am unware? Naa, I do not think so. And is it important? No. So. Change of topic.

Yesterday I have been in KuKu Club again after some time. This club has  the chance to become my favorite again (has been already in my first year in Tallinn). They play just the music I like, yesterday as first song when I came in “simply the best” by Tina Turner. These are the moments I know I am getting old. And maybe it is because I am old but I still think that the music in that time was better than what they do today. One has the feeling that in that time they cared more about what they produced insteat of just throwing out one song after the other. Next to writing the blog  and listening to classic I read the news. Online Newspaper. Again, I am old, so I still have problems in getting used to read news online. I miss the time when I have had the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung with a cup of coffee in my bed,  just wasting time by reading article over article, politics, sport, culture, lifestyle crisscross. Companied by some classic music, that allows u to concentrate on the text but creates a fantastic athmosphere around you.Between two sentences my view goes out the window again. Is it just me? When I see this wonderful blue sky I just feel good. It is so light, so blue, so optimistic, so fresh… like untouched. Inviting. Ok that invitation I reject. (Interesting…. while I write that the music stoped for advertisment and the very moment I remember something uncomfortable) For a long time now I dream very often that I am falling out of a plane and I fall and fall and cannot do anything about it. I read once that one has to dream that one can fly – because it is a dream and in a dream one can do anything. Actually I tried that but the problem is that first of all even though when I dream that I can fly I feel that fear of falling. And sometimes I cannot imagine that. I am in bed, half asleep and fall and fall. (Boy can the music start again please?!?) I wonder what that means. Or if it means anything at all.

So, I have to start moving I think. Take a shower and then prepare the breakfast.


The music started again. Fresh wind comes through the open window and softly touches me. It is just another sunday morning… I like it.


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