Happy Womensday!

It is a funny thing that in Germany I never was aware of that day. But here in Estonia and as far as I heard in entire Eastern Europe and Russia it is somehow on the level of Christmas and the Birthday.  As my ex-wife told me no men who is sane would dare to come home on Womensday without flowers. Or chocolate. Or anything nice for the wife/girlfriend.

Well, after all it is better than Valentines Day. Or is it? Do we need a day to show women that we appreciate them? Obviously – yes. Men are lazy, but it is not that. We thin different. For men it must be something really big and complex, it must be the trip to the opera with a great dinner, a limousine and best a private jet that is flying to Paris or Milano…
What I learned is: Women like that but you do get also a lot of credit when you just bring them a single rose time to time… not only on special days of course. Of course, having that knowledge does not mean that one does it. And this is not because we do not care – we just do not think about that stuff. But sometimes we do, and then dear women, do not start thinking stuff like “he remembers me only on those days and tomorrow he forgot making me a present again..” – just enjoy ur day.



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