Or shall I say wordless? Because I have to admit, I did not even think about blogging the last days while I was watching the whole day news from Japan and Libya. Of course, Japan dominates everything, but when the only “contrast” news is the massacre of Libyan people by Gaddafis troops the world seems more grey and sad then ever. The fight against dictatorship in North Africa is not over but the world turned east and watches helpless the results of 2 natural disasters. The strongest earthquake in Japanese history followed by an enormous Tsunami (if I understood the news correct the biggest Tsunami in history) showed two things: Nature will always be stronger then men and what ever men thinks is save, it is not. I have to admit I always thought that nuclear power plants are a problem but I was against a forced turning off. I changed my mind. Sure, they are safe, but what can happen is obviously stronger than what we can imagine… And although I know that the chance for a tsunami is limited in Germany as it is for a strong earthquake – what I learned from Japan is that what ever we think, nature does not follow our thoughts. So surely no earthquake with Tsunami following, but something else that brings all our security to the edge.


I will keep watching and hopping that somehow in the end it turns out better than it looks right now. I feel with the people in Japan and pray that this brave population will be able to stand together and do not give up facing the 3 biggest catastrophes a human mind can imagine. God be with them.


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