Long time no words

Yeah, funny, eh? Erik and the concept of not talking. I know people who might consider that as the joke of the year and the answer their prayers at the same time.

Since I was in Dublin I had no time to write there – or better I refused the tempt to write about Dublin on my iPod, it is not that comfortable to do that. And also I was kind of busy walking around, making pictures and breath in the atmosphere of the city. Dublin is cool, I have to admit, but it is damn expensive specially when one has Estonian salary. Nevertheless, I put Dublin on my list of towns I could imagine to live in.

Since I touch this topic, here is the list so far:

New York, New Orleans, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Dublin, Tallinn (thought I should mention that), Paris (although I do not speak french at all).

That does not mean that I would refuse an offer to move to another town not mentioned here – it would just require a good job offer. But then again all the towns require that (except Tallinn due to the fact that I already live here).  I wonder, is it normal that one is so open to move around and even relocate to another country just like that.


Being back in good old Tallinn now, I try to arrange again into the town, the job and what I call a life. Just difficult this time, no idea why. Anyone has an idea what I can do to feel good again in Tallinn? At least until it is summer, then I feel great here in Paradise City again 🙂


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