My work-computer system does not work so  have time. And since it does not work often, I have a lot of time to think and that is always a bad thing…. because then my brain starts walking and I never know where it goes at. Today for example I started to think that it is actually stupid to be afraid of falling from a plane. Because this does not kill you. What kills you is to hit the ground.

Funny wise – most people in the office did not laugh a lot about that. So I stop of that nitpicking thing and come back on my holiday plan. Since a friend told me today that having no money is a lame excuse I decided that she is right and that I will fly somewhere again this year. Maybe around August/September, since I have to take holiday anyhow that time due to my sisters marriage – well the question is now only: where at. So far I narrowed it done a bit: Africa, the Middle East or the Caucasus region. Anyone wants to join me? I plan a low budget holiday. (well I plan because I have to but anyhow…)


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