11 days

11 days no new posts. But I really had no time to write. These days I started to study (law and economy), and after 1 month I can summarize: hä?! What a stupid idea what that … but I think it is better to try and fail than not to try at all. Of course that does not mean that this logic is valid for each topic. Lets take suicide. I mean, if you commit suicide (and I have to stress that I do not recommend that) it is maybe better to succeed than to fail. Depends of course how you try. With pills maybe it is not that bad to fail. And to cut your arms is maybe also possible to fail, but you will find it difficult to get the blood out of the carpet later. That is the good thing if you succeed, the spots are still there but this is not your problem anymore. But if you try to shoot yourself I guess it is better not to fail.

Ok, as you see, still no topic. So I keep working now. Ah. one other thing: for 2 weeks I make sport again. I go swimming 3-4 times a week and I play football once a week. And it is true, I feel better – if I make a break from the sport 😉


One thought on “11 days

  1. Du studierst wieder? Soso, wirtschaft und recht. Bist du eingeschriebener Student an einer Uni oder machst du ein Fernstudium, schließlich arbeitest du ja noch?! Was das Versuchen und Versagen angeht, da stimm ich dir zu. Und zum Thema Selbstmord: Einfach eine gute alte Zyankali oder Wasser in Mund und Pistole rein dann sprengts dir den Kopf sicherlich weg, oder natürlich Schrotflinte, is auch Ziehmutter sicher ;D
    Sport sollte ich auch mal wieder treiben, naja jetzt hab ich ja mit meiner Bänderzerrung erstmal ne gute Ausrede ;P

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